We're really excited in helping you meet your health goals! 

The Thyroid Pharmacist Consulting team can work with you in reaching your health goals through convenient phone or video conference appointments.


  • Comprehensive case reviews for people with Hashimoto's - to uncover triggers and identify ways to improve health.
  • Medication reviews to uncover medication-related problems and to help with optimizing medications.
  • Lab interpretations for adrenal, gut, thyroid, and nutrient tests, so that you understand the next steps you need to take.
  • Nutrition coaching and helping to identify the optimal diet for your body's current needs.
  • Lifestyle recommendations to reduce thyroid and autoimmune symptoms.
  • Supplement recommendations to complement lifestyle changes and accelerate health improvements.
Please note, as pharmacists, we do not diagnose and do not prescribe medications. Any medication/diagnosis related problems that are uncovered during your consult should be discussed with your treating physician.