Thyroid compounds are usually prepared in the same physiological ratio that is found in Armour, however, physicians can elect to change the amount of T3/T4, as the compounding pharmacists are literally making the medications from scratch.

The benefit of the T4/T3 compounded medications is that they can be made devoid of any fillers that people may not tolerate, and they do not increase autoimmunity. Most T4/T3 compounds are immediate release versions, like Armour, however, compounding pharmacists can also make sustained release versions. Some professionals recommend sustained release formulations so that the hormone is released continuously throughout the day, however, these types of formulations may not be absorbed properly by people with Hashimoto’s and gut issues.

The downside of T4/T3 compounds is that specially trained compounding pharmacists need to make them and do take some time to prepare. Additionally, not all compounding pharmacies are created equally, and a specialized process is required to prepare an accurate dose of compounded thyroid medications. Thus, patients might have to travel out of their way to find a trusted compounding pharmacy.


  1. What types of fillers are used?
  2. What is the source of the materials? (We recommend PCCA (sourced materials)
  3. Is the compound slow release or immediate release?


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