Analyzing elements can provide insight into why you may not synthesize or convert thyroid hormones and can help determine the cause of thyroid related symptoms. The thyroid gland regulates cellular energy metabolism, as well as controls heart rate and protein synthesis for proper growth and development. The Elements Profile includes Dried Urine tests for Iodine, Bromine, Selenium, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury and Creatinine.

***Important notes about lab kits for purchase above***   

  • ZRT lab kits requiring urine samples cannot be shipped to New York at this time.
  • We are unable to ship lab kits to PO boxes. Please use a residential address.
  • Some lab providers fill out requisition forms ahead of time, with patient information. To avoid confusion when processing orders, if you are ordering lab kits for multiple people, we do request that you place a separate order for each person.
  • Please note: after you order a test kit, getting the lab draw and/or completing the test is your responsibility.
  • It is also your responsibility to have the test interpreted by a qualified professional. 
  • Due to the fees we incur after a test kit is sent, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges on test kits.
  • The lab will email you when your results are in. You can then create an account with ZRT to view your results in their patient portal.

    There will be an additional shipping fee for International lab orders, which varies by location. Once your order is received, we will email you in regards to the additional cost, to be paid via Paypal invoice.

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